Nils Babtist

As you already know my name is Nils Babtist and I’m from the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Home in Sweden I’m very active in politics and one day I maybe decide to run for the parliament in Sweden. I’m a member of the Swedish Liberal party and right now we are in opposition together with the three other right-wing parties. Sweden is very left-wing if I compare it with the US. Our most right-wing party is like the Democrats in the US. In September 2018 Sweden will vote for a new government and I will work day and night after my exchange year to change the government, but during my exchange year, I will take a pause with Swedish politics.


When I had played hockey for eight years I decided to go a hockey referee course at our local hockey organization. One year later I decided to quit hockey and put effort as a hockey referee. Today three years later that is one of my absolute best decisions. We are a team with about 9 different referees that work together at our area. I will miss that so much next year, probably the thing I will miss the most.