January 21

January 21 A great day, one of the best days in a long long time. I went with Julia and her mom and sister to a nice aquarium. After the aquarium, we went to a really weird place like a casino city with hotels and a mall at a territory where native Americans live and […]


What has happened since last time? I have been spending a lot of time with Julia and this Sunday I went with her and her dad and stepmom to a real American retro diner place for breakfast. It was really nice! We had two days of due to a snowstorm here on the east coast. […]

Christmas Eve

December 24, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! In Sweden, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th. We had some people over for dinner. I have met them before they are really nice people! My shoulder hurts but I can’t do anything about it now.

December 23

December 23, We left early morning so we could reach the historical Olympic town Lake Placid at 9. We had a smooth drive up from CT and after a few stops, we arrived at the slopes where the Olympics went 1980. I got my season pass and went up with Victor to try the equipment. […]

December 16

What’s up? Saturday today! I went Christmas shopping with Arianna at the mall. I got a lot of things but I have a few things left that I have to buy. In the evening I went to a party to a friends house. You know, as a foreigner people is very curious about you and […]

December 1st

December 1st My English teacher recommended me to go this church founded by some Swedish immigrants for a St Lucia concert. So I went with Julia, Francesca, and Victor this Friday night to see this concert. It was really fun to see, it was performed by kids and it was like in Sweden. I think […]

November 22

This week has been another short week, only Monday-Wednesday because of Thanksgiving weekend. We left early this morning, 7 am but I thought we were going to leave 4:30 so I was awake 4. It’s a long drive, 10 hours up to Toronto, Canada. We did some stops on the way up to the border. […]

Thursday 11/16

Any students in Sweden is going to find this pretty weird I guess. Today during my second class of the day, an alarm/announcement started to talk in the school with this information, ”Secure the building, secure the building”. I was totally lost, I had no idea what it was. I started to ask what’s going […]

Tuesday, November 6

Tuesday, November 6 Today its election day here in the US. They are voting for town representatives such as town council and board of Education members. Even if I shouldn’t take a certain side as an exchange student I have to support new people to the board of Education after my situation. But not only […]

November 4th

Saturday, November 4th, Suffield CT I don’t know if you remember when I was visiting the amateur theater in Suffield, it was a few weeks ago. After that visit I emailed the president in the theater if they need any help, they are a non-profit organization so I asked them (the place is really nice). […]